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We appreciate the title of this article is rather accusatory. But we’re right to assume you’re a busy person? Your days are packed with endless to-do lists and meetings. So it’s probably fair to say you don’t always have time to think about the details of what you’re doing. Details are very much a second thought. 

Well, that’s where you’re going wrong. The success of your business is rooted firmly in how you approach the small things. And you DO have the time to make this happen. 

According to CNBC, employees waste 5 hours a week doing tasks that don’t matter and going to pointless meetings; 33% of their days are spent doing skilled work. If this time was redirected to just slowing down and paying attention to the details, you would be more successful. 

Checking, improving, and double-checking are time-consuming and it’s a fine balance between that and pushing in a big way towards your goals. We get it. But we do care about the details at Love the Idea. Paying attention to the details is the foundation of all we do. We know a details-orientated approach is the difference between good and great and the little things, can make the big things happen. 

Here are 3 habits you can adopt to remember why the details matter. 

Try and see things through the eyes of your customer. 

First impressions count. They have probably invested something, whether it’s money or time to work with you or use your product. But most of all they have invested in trust. Trust that you know what you’re doing, trust that you’ll deliver and trust that they won’t regret their decision. So live up to that. 

If your work/product is below par, underwhelming, bad even, then that trust is broken. The customer is lost. Check your processes, improve your systems, document things correctly, and present clearly, with no typos, no mistakes, just exceptional quality delivered when the client needs it. Ignoring the details can cost you business and the heartache of reputational damage. Once your customer thinks you’re not in control, then everything you do from there out is not good enough. It’s hard to claw back.  

Get into the details to show you care. 

In this competitive world, good is no longer good enough. You have to be the best. And how can you be the trendsetter when you’re missing silly things? By knowing the details of your business and continually striving to improve them, you won’t underwhelm, and more importantly, you’ll become not just good, but great. 

Avoid hassle in the long run. 

Do you remember those jelly characters you got in your Christmas stocking when you were a kid? When you add them to water, they gradually swell and get bigger and bigger until there is no water left. Well, small mistakes can turn into big ones. Like the jelly character, they initially seem minute and inconsequential and then before you know it, they have grown into something massive and have impacted the business as a whole. Over time, mistakes can lead to significant and sometimes irreversible consequences. 

So team, let’s get sharp, get savvy and make the conscious decision to slow down and adopt a details-loving mindset. It will be worth it, as attention to detail becomes the key to your success and you turn a growing business into something wild and exciting. We’d love to see your comments below on how you stay detail-oriented. 

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