Everyone had to start out somewhere. This is a simple post to inform you about some great websites that may facilitate your start learning to code, learn a brand new language, or get help after you mire, which you may.

If you’re an experienced programmer, you most likely already know all of those, so this post probably won’t teach you anything new. But be happy to share your favourite websites within the comments, so that we can work together to create an even bigger list in the future.

6 Free Websites

1. Codecademy

Codecademy could be a really fun website where you’ll learn to code by playing games. it is a great spot to begin learning the fundamentals.
Take short courses on HTML, CSS, or the website module before moving on to other programming languages.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a few lots over just learning a way to code. you’ll be able to learn math, science, arts, and humanities. you’ll also study for tests and find ready for school.

The computer programming tracks on Khan Academy are kind of like those on Codecademy, but they even have videos that specify an idea before letting you are attempting out the code yourself.

3. W3Schools

W3Schools will always be at the highest of a replacement programmer’s Google search. It’s liked by both new and experienced developers because it’s plenty of examples and makes it easy to seek out what you are looking for.

The good thing is that, unlike other websites where you have got to scroll to seek out answers, their page is well-organized and you’ll be able to find a page on a selected, small thing, for example, a page that only has HTML tags for paragraphs.

They even have tutorials that cover a good range of topics. So, if you do not know where to start, you’ll try one in every of these.

4. Stack Overflow

Every day, I Google a frustrating error and find myself here. People from everywhere over the globe post their problems and work together to search for solutions.

The community here is basically great, and once you’ve learned some programming, you must try and return to the community in addition. Earn some coding karma.

5. Codewars

After you’ve learned a number of the fundamentals with Codeacademy, W3Schools, or Khan Academy, try moving on to some coding challenges with Codewars.

Codewars may be a group of developers who wish to call themselves “Code Warriors” and use challenges to coach and improve their skills. consider it as a coding dojo, which may be a place where developers train together and help one another retrieve by practising.

6. HackerRank

HackerRank is another website with coding challenges that help programmers make a comeback.

When you’re getting near having enough experience to become a Junior Developer, it is a good idea to induce accustomed to this one, since many companies use HackerRank challenges as a part of their technical tests during the hiring process.

You can even attend the “Jobs” tab and do coding challenges to induce into the hiring process of top companies like Booking.com or Blackrock.

Feel free to depart suggestions for other sites below within the comment section, and we can work together to create an extended list.

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