Congratulations on launching your new website or app! But may I just remind you that project completion is just the beginning? The next big thing is optimizing it.

Starting with Security

Don’t just assume that your site will keep itself secured. See to it that you regularly monitor notifications about errors, malware, and viruses within your system. Hackers don’t give notice, they just normally attack; so better outwit them.

Be one step ahead and all eyes on notifications drawn by your system. Better yet, always update your system with the latest versions. Updates are there for a reason, so keep your online business in check.

Adding Analytics

To understand what’s effective and what’s not, you need to hook up tools that can measure, adapt, and develop all your on and off-site behavior.

Analytics helps your app, website, and online digital increase exposure, gain better customer insights and strategies that will lead you to your digital success. From the word analytics itself, it helps you go beyond the surface so you get more key success resources.

Updating your content

Definitely keep your site updated. It may not be a must but I think it’s essential for keeping your site fresh. Keeping your site fresh means you will reap returning visitors and also gain more visitors.

The search engines will like you a whole lot too. Keep them coming back for more. Therefore, post relevant content more often.

Promote your business

You need a source of traffic so in order for you to get that, you need to spread the word. No doubt, you simply cannot afford to ignore the impact of online promotions. In fact, according to research, online advertising has a considerably higher ROI than conventional methods of marketing.

Nevertheless, send your advertisement across all your social media platforms:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest.

Run those ads and keep an active social media life. You will surely get yourself a flood of clients, users, and visitors.

There you have it! Your website, apps and other digital system is your company’s online presence.

Just like any regular company you will benefit from maintenance and regular monitoring. If you’re too busy running your own show and need a quick help and support, we’d be glad to give you a hand.

After we have successfully concluded your new website or application we don’t just walk away and leave you hanging. You have the option of keep in ties with us and keep the business going. We’ll see to it that we help you manage your site by our side.

Like our blog? Hi I'm Rachel a Business Manager at Love the idea. I head up social distribution and sales for our startup market. Get in touch!

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