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Lyft successfully launched their sunset product campaign in 2022 by revolutionising its app user experience with NFC technology. All of this was made possible by the collaboration of our team.

Their goal was to share stories, photos and play games during the golden hour. A timer would count down until users box of fun would open up and completions could be run. NFC was used to connect with others around you and share the experience.
MAC, a global cosmetics brand, advances the concept of enhancing shopper interaction by developing an App with a QR Code Scan feature to provide perfectly matched cosmetics style and showcasing some inspired make-up looks from well-known influencers.

Custom APIs from MAC product lines also allowed us to pull in reviews and update the app making it more dynamic and adding a new speed style dimension.
Gillette came up with a fun idea of utilising AR technology to generate funds and awareness for men’s health during Movember. Developing an interactive way of seeing yourself with different moustache styles.

The concept is to provide men with a way to take images themselves with various sorts of moustaches they wish to grow during Movember and share them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram
Napkin is a voice controlled recipe app that makes cooking super easy. Intructions are read out as you cook and meals are timed to perfection. With images and voice commands to guide you step by step.

Napkin Recpies goal was to make cooking accessible for everyone. No more messy hands over tech or constantly scrolling receipt text.

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