NFC-Powered Delight: A Journey of Interactive and Fun-Filled Campaigns




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About the Company

Lyft, a trailblazing company, achieved a successful product campaign in 2021 by revolutionizing its app’s user experience through NFC technology. This significant accomplishment was the result of effective collaboration among our dedicated teams.

Our client’s primary objective was to enable users to share stories, photos, and play games during the golden hour. A countdown timer would lead to the opening of a box of fun for users to enjoy various activities. NFC technology facilitated connections with others nearby, fostering a shared experience.

Goals and challenges

The project was fast-paced, leaving little time to set specific objectives initially. However, Lyft excelled in devising ingenious designs and ideas to promote their product interactively. Instead of simply presenting promotional ads via email, they offered rewarding products that engaged their fans through games and other activities.

Additionally, our team skillfully addressed new challenges, laying the foundation by creating wireframes and concept maps for this project.

What We Offered




5 months


Mobile Development


Deep solution research

Once the overall goal was established, we delved into the project’s complexities. Building the WebApp from scratch while aligning with the campaign goals was a primary challenge. Our task included creating prize deals that allowed users to upload their Golden Hour images to win exciting rewards such as vouchers and discounts. The App also featured a connectivity game and dedicated spaces for promoting blog posts. Through meticulous effort, LTI successfully turned these aspirations into reality, leading the development of the server and App using React JS software.


Collaborating with a talented design team, we ensured a thrilling and exceptional user experience. One exciting addition was a dynamic feature that altered the app’s color according to the time of day. Furthermore, NFC technology was ingeniously employed to implement the interactive game feature, enabling two users to play together.


With the completed app product, we flawlessly launched the campaign, aiming not only to promote the desired product but also to provide an exceptional user experience throughout the campaign’s duration. As a result, we successfully delivered a fun product that fostered interactive, unique, and strong connections with their audience.

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