Love the Idea is committed to ensuring that there is no form or shape of modern slavery or human trafficking that transpires in our workplace or in any facet of our business. We share the vision of a primary objective, one among the many would be to adhere to preserving and protecting the welfare of our people and championing their human rights to safety, equality and a life with opportunities and merit, dignity, work without discrimination and to withstand coercion and exhibit resistance in engaging in involuntary domestic servitude and criminal exploitation. Our ethical code, collective devout contributions to stand vigil against exploitation, and support such humanitarian causes for social good, coupled with our persistence to uphold morally upright principles within our company is paramount.


Love the Idea directly and indirectly operates with businesses worldwide, and provides services such as expert growth assistance, scaling, app & web development. We believe that creating a sustainable work environment where these very values thrive is essential to creating an effective company. In terms of preventing slavery and human trafficking, one of our main areas of focus: The labor used in any Love the Idea services, employees or projects.


Our business, designers, developers, and experts are required to comply with local laws in the territories which they operate and, in most instances, the local laws are robust in tackling the issues raised by the UK modern slavery legislation. Though we operate in a relatively low risk sector, modern slavery is a serious issue and we have implemented policies to combat this in our business . We take our work and the reputation and good standing of our employees very seriously, in the instance our employees feel that they are threatened or unsafe, it will be investigated appropriately depending on the nature of the complaint. If they are found not acting in accordance with our Ethical Agreement or the Modern Slavery legislation, we will consider taking proportionate action. We value feedback and dialogue, and we strongly encourage employees, clients, customers, or any third party to bring any suspected wrongdoing on these (or any other issues) to our attention.


We will focus on increasing employee awareness of the issues of modern slavery and ensuring we provide appropriate staff knowledge on identifying instances of modern slavery as part of our ongoing collective efforts to comply with modern slavery legislation. The purpose of this statement is to comply with section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act. —
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