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We're proud to put our work in front of over 100k students, helping colleges and universities serve learners from all backgrounds.

North Warwickshire & Hinckley College is a large Further Education college that offers a wide range of full-time, part-time, Higher Education and Apprenticeship programmes over six campuses. The College also provides training to employers.

Our technology provides support and guidance to learners or anyone who may feel vulnerable by developing an app that consists of all of the important support helplines. The App offers a high level of learning support, making sure anyone who has a complaint or feels vulnerable is acknowledged.
The work at The Skills Centre inspires more young people and residents in the community to take a step into construction.

The objective was to provide details, documents, and to work through the complexities of a new App framework by having multiple meetings. The product goal was to create an App that students can download, giving them access to all of the necessary helplines and guidance. The App would be able to be fully customisable along with SMS functionality.
BCoT's mission is 'Building Careers of Tomorrow' and our courses are designed with our ethos in mind.

As part of the project a student can report an incident, and immediately be assigned a designated Health Safeguard officer, who will contact those in need of assistance. Students can download the app to sign in and see the reports they’ve submitted, read blogs about how to overcome various challenges and find a variety of charity phone numbers.
Formed in 2008, Medipro is the largest independent pre-hospital education centre in the UK.

They hold the most diverse set of accredited pre-hospital qualifications, so that their learners can take their ambitions in any direction. Delivering only accredited courses ensures that their learners are able to work in large multinational corporations, specialist organisations, and the NHS where regulation and governanace is paramount

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