With the rapid growth of technology in the past few years, innovations in e-commerce have made online businesses a highly profitable venture. This is particularly true in the UK, the world’s fourth-largest e-commerce market. Sales spiked in 2020 after the closure of physical stores. Yet despite their reopening in 2021, sales saw a further increase of 9% — or over £10 billion. This signals that online businesses are here to stay alongside brick-and-mortar businesses.

Yet for your online business to stand out in a robust e-commerce landscape, you must build a strong brand. Doing so invites credibility and trust, allowing you to cultivate a solid customer base that earns you a competitive advantage. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Use brand storytelling

Your business can only succeed if you build connections and develop empathy. To do this, you must reflect on what your story is. Using personal narratives in one’s branding is critical for individuals to secure careers — and it can be helpful for businesses too. Ask yourself: where did your business start? What did you do to get where you are? What have your greatest successes been? By shaping this information into narratives, your business can emphasize what makes it unique, what the mission of its products is, and where it’s headed in the future. You can share this information through slogans and elaborate on them through your website’s introduction pages, social media posts, and even your products’ packaging.

Maximize social media

Social media is one of the most affordable ways to broaden your reach. The UK alone boasts 53 million active social media users — over 77% of the country’s total population. Yet this massive audience isn’t the only thing you can benefit from when you tap into this market. One of the most significant advantages of social media is that it uses data-driven targeted advertising, which connects you with users based on their interests and demographics. This means you can more easily reach consumers who resonate with your brand. Hook more people into your business by posting regularly, doing live streams, and posting stories. You can also drive more traffic to your profiles through social media contests where users can win by commenting, sharing, or liking your posts. This lets you expand your visibility, solidifying your brand in consumers’ consciousness.

Produce informative content

Producing informative content isn’t only useful in piquing audience interest and gaining traffic online. It’s also great for helping your audiences recognize your brand’s values and commitment to being an active and reliable member of your industry. Moreover, the better the content you produce, the more people will respond to you. This also opens you up to a network of similar businesses with which you can exchange ideas and build partnerships. You can share informative content through methods like guest blogs or infographics. You can also post about industry insights or the process behind your products and services so that customers can better see what goes on behind the scenes of your business.

Be accessible and responsive

With a brand being all about trust and credibility, being accessible and reachable should be one of your foremost priorities. Make it easy for your customers to reach you by streamlining messaging on your website or social media accounts. Set up systems that make it easy to respond to inquiries or concerns they may have. Doing so can guarantee better customer service that solidifies your brand’s reputation.

Brand-building has shifted in today’s digital age. By leveraging your online presence, you can build a brand that invites confidence in your consumers.

As a freelance writer, Joanna Tate is dedicated to helping her readers understand how technology can be maximized in today's world. When she's not working, she loves hiking and going on long drives.

Joanna Tate


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