The true potential of User-generated content (UGC)

Guest Speaker: Ayodeji Onibalusi “How to Avoid Potential Pitfalls With User-Generated Content” User-generated content (UGC) is like gold hidden in the rubble. Its potential value is great, but you’ll need to do a lot of navigating to unlock its true potential. Content marketers have already weighed in on the benefits that can be derived from UGC, and many …

Who Run The Logo World, Girls!

Guest Speaker: Melissa Lang “Female Logo Designers Who Changed The Industry” Design students across the UK are made up of a 50/50 gender split. Sadly, this isn’t reflected in design career statistics. Women Designers in the past have created internationally recognised branding. It is time again for female designers to step into the spotlight! Let’s showcase some …

£1 billion in funding provided for London startups

Guest Speaker: Thiago Kiwi “London startups received £1 billion in funding this year” London’s startups received more funding this year than in any other European city, according to figures from Statista. The research, which used figures from EY’s Startup Barometer Germany report, showed that startups in the city raised €1.3 billion (£1.1 billion) in the first …

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