AI on a Budget. Are you joking?

So you’re a small business and you want to jump on the AI bandwagon? But you’re worried about how much it will cost you, you’re protective of the hard-work of your team and their processes, and you’re doubtful if you’re even ready?  Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation represents an exciting opportunity for businesses, but often the …

Don’t Believe Your Own Hype

You’ll never forget the day when you came up with ‘the idea’. It started as a small seed growing over time, then suddenly, you had a clear vision and it took hold. You became passionate; it’s a genius idea right? Everyone will want a piece of it. How have you been this clever? You’re mostly …

How to Create Great Business Ideas in 6 Easy Steps

Guest Speaker: Alan Hall  “How to Create a Winning Business Idea–in Six Easy Steps” I often meet business founders whose minds are overflowing with brilliant business ideas for new products. They seem to develop terrific new concepts every single day of their lives. They are watchful, always inquiring, perceptive and continually seeking (and often finding) …

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