Clean Up Your Data Act!

Top Tips To Get You Obsessed with Data Cleansing It’s cleaning day at Love the Idea. I’m sure you’re now imagining a bunch of app gurus cleaning their computer screens and opening the windows! No no no, this is not just any kind of cleaning day, it’s data cleaning day!  I know those who are …

Are QR Codes Dead?

We are used to seeing these black-and-white square images almost everywhere. QR code generators allow us to easily connect people with content and whilst doing so, they collect various data (numeric and alphanumeric information as well as binary data and Kanji characters). There are lots of free QR code generator options out there to make …

Common Pitfalls in Social Media Marketing and How to Avoid Them

Social media marketing is a total game-changer. It gives small businesses a fighting chance against bigger competitors with the promise of going viral and being digitally successful overnight. No wonder more and more brands are putting their best efforts into bringing their A-game to every social networking platform by following brand-building tips for a stronger …

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