Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus rumor roundups

Here goes to the most anticipated major comeback of Samsung Galaxy S series. A few weeks from now and we’ll finally get our hands on their latest smartphone models—S8 and S8 Plus. Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Org claims that it’s going to be the most stylish smartphone that packs a lot of advanced features; from a new digital assistant called Bixby to …

Keep Your Sane In The Midst of Chaos

It’s inevitable to face challenges in life. But when turbulent times occur we tend to lose focus. Mind that by losing focus, you are actually affecting your performance and relationship with others around you. So how would you get through and keep track? Yes, it’s not easy to keep your sanity in check; specially if …

How to Work Better with Developers

You’re in this page for a reason. You want to work better with your software engineer and get things done the way you want them to be, right? Now, lets get down to business. One of the most crucial step to a successful project is by having a healthy working relationship between you (the enforcer) and your developer (the …

What happens when you start thinking BIG?

Lets imagine waking up one sunny morning. You hop into your car and enjoy the passing scenery on the way to work. You soon arrive at some Castle doors. Only to realise — it’s your new office! The best bit? It’s not a dream. have just finished creating one of the most unique places to work in the UK …

How to Find, Hire, and Keep Great Developers

Whether you’re a startup or a well-established company, the search for hot developers are hard. You have questions lurking from where to find, how to hire, and keep great developers for code work. If you are searching the answer to this question, you’ve come to the right place. Efficient and effective developers aren’t always that easy …

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