8 Richest Men Are Now as Wealthy as Half the World’s Population

A HANDFUL of men have the combined wealth of more than half the world’s population. According to an analysis by Oxfam. Research by the human rights watchdog found that the eight richest men on the planet have a collective worth of US$426 billion. The eight include six American businessmen, including Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.  Amazon …

Key Points On How To Rise Above Debt For Startup Businesses

Guest Speaker: Mike Wood “How to Keep From Getting Buried in Debt When Starting a Business” Got debt? Of course you do. I don’t know many businesses that don’t. There is such a thing as good debt and many businesses are able to grow because of it. The problem is when you go so far into debt that …

A Better and Brighter Future Does Not Depend on Our Technology

Guest Speaker: Bryan Kramer “Why we can’t rely on technology for a better future” A tech revolution is coming. Our future depends on how we decide to use it. Technology has never before played such a large role in our lives. So far, that role has mostly been positive — largely thanks to advances in technology, we’ve never been …

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