Whether you’re a startup or a well-established company, the search for hot developers are hard. You have questions lurking from where to find, how to hire, and keep great developers for code work. If you are searching the answer to this question, you’ve come to the right place.

Efficient and effective developers aren’t always that easy to get, especially if you don’t know anything about coding. You will see a lot of possible talents but somehow quality developers are a needle in a hay stack. They either tend to be expensive, employed or too young for the job. But truth is, you can get away from long recruitment processes that doesn’t work. It’s important to pause and start looking at the right places. Whether you are looking for a full-time, part-time or contractual developers we’ve got you covered.

How to Find Developers

To find a developer, you will need a couple of cards on the table. You have the option of meeting up with local developers or take the risk of outsourcing. Either way works but one can be very taxing.

Word Of Mouth

Perhaps the fastest way of getting yourself a talented, trustworthy, and professional developer is by referrals. The key to utilizing your network is to inform people of what you’re trying to do and whom you’re looking to connect with. You can start by posting on social medias to get the news out there and find possible leads. What if you are not getting any referrals? Then, it’s about time to start searching. Here’s a list where you can get quality programmers.

Love the idea

Love the Idea website homepage

A go-to place for Web and App development. They provide help and dedication for startup businesses to grow. They also offer quality services for big companies like Business Crowd, Aftercross, Africanjober and many more.

West Agile Labs 

Love the Idea website homepage

a passionate global digital design and development partner. With a team of over 120 people, they build custom applications for startups and larger enterprises.

Stack Overflow

Homepage of StackOverFlow website

A destination for all things related to development. It’s the largest online community for more than 4.7 million programmers so meaning there’s a high-traffic job board for developers. They can help you find programmers who are most skilled and knowledgeable in no time.


Homepahe of Toptal website

A global network of top 3% elite software engineers, designers, and finance experts in the world. They are dedicated to help start-up businesses and organizations to hire freelancers to work full-time, part time or contractual.


A startup company that will let you hire top CS programs developers from Stanford, Caltech, Google and Microsoft work in minutes.

People Per Hour
Homepage of Peopleperhour website

Hailed as the number one freelancing community in UK. Where you can hire curated freelance talent to work remotely under minutes.


Upwork website homepage

A company that can provide Full-Stack, Front-End Web and Top Rated Developers. They rapidly deliver you quality developers where you need them and when you need them.


A data platform for discovering the perfect software engineering hire. They have millions of different talented software developer. Their social graph features will make it easier for you to find the perfect candidates based on your criteria.


Homepage of Hirable website

A go to place for companies and entrepreneurs to connect with the top 2% of freelance developers for short or long terms projects. They can connect you with startups, tech companies and agencies.

Homepage of Andela Website

A corps of high-quality tech talent across the African continent. They provide companies with access to the top 1% of global tech talent to help accelerate your product roadmap.

How to Hire Developers

Now, you know where to find quality developers. Before you shake hands and get the ball rolling. Be sure to get everything straight.

Background check

It’s easy to be lured by eye candy portfolios. A profile on their platform is not enough. Remember you will be working with software engineers. The expenses alone are really heavy on the pocket. In order to do that you can either assess them via researching online, tests or through Skype calls so you can see their faces and for you to know who you really are working with.

Be transparent 

Never sugar coat. This is the stage were you get real with the interview stage. Get real with all the details you want for the work. If it’s a big work load, like a lot of features need to be set up for the development. Let them know, so they know what to expect. Also be upfront with pay and/or your budget. No need to roam around the bush. Every developer wants to get paid and you want to get the work done. Make an offer which they can’t refuse.

Get legal documents signed

Never ever forget to get legal documents signed. So whatever happens you have a firm ground for getting things amended or rectified. Be aware of the risks that some developers may start working, but later on leave would not get the job done and that’s one thing we would like you to avoid. So get those papers signed and make a good hire that you won’t regret!

How to Keep Your Best Talent

Since you’ve finally got yourself professional hands; the journey doesn’t end there. Retaining skilled workers is a challenge for employers. Like any other company you will have trouble keeping skilled developers. So what do you need in order to keep your best talents in the palm of your hands?

Don’t be greedy with money.

When it comes to salary or pay developers wants to get paid. Give them a reasonable rate like something they can’t deny. You can either have the option of paying them the market rate or risk having them start a job and then leave in the middle because they are not getting any a much better offer. Of some incentives or competitive packages so that they can work hard. Anything less and your already down to losing your talent.

Be a leader not a boss.

You may give the highest salary out there but like any employee they also demand respect. Professionalism is your key. Be a leader that anyone would not take advantage of. Encourage them to do their best and acknowledge their accomplishments. No one wants rude, abusive, and ungrateful employers. Excessive workload will provide your employees stress and they will surely quit and file out resignations in no time.

Connect with them

Say hello or send them a quick email. Ask them how their work is going. Let them feel that they are not robots. They are also human like you. Don’t be like an employer who is out of sight and out of mind. Earn a reputation were your people would have fun, feel taken cared of, and be productive while working for you.

Challenge them

Any employee does not want to limit their knowledge. Routine work will make them feel unproductive and will let them slack. Provide them with new responsibilities and give them a chance to grow in their chosen field. Train them to perform, so that you can prepare them for high-level positions.

Be a Skilled Manager

Employers and managers should know their job and one of it is to look out for their employees’. No one likes a manager who doesn’t know what is going on and who doesn’t want their company to grow. If you are a lazy boss then expect your employees to follow your footsteps or worse you get a bad reputation.


Great Web and App developers are ridiculously expensive and losing one is much more expensive. The cost of replacing an employee will be another cycle of recruiting, interviewing, and training. The search is endless if you don’t act as early as now. It may not seem very easy but its worth it in the long run. Remember, one of the success of your business rely on effective and efficient developers. Even when you look in the right places, you’ve only won half of the battle. There’s still more to come. Better make an effort and be ready with those 5 pronged strategy; you can retain your top talents. Make them feel like they are a part of a family not just a company; so you have a pull factor for them to stay. After all, a manager is a top reason why employees choose to stay.

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