You’re in this page for a reason. You want to work better with your software engineer and get things done the way you want them to be, right? Now, lets get down to business.

One of the most crucial step to a successful project is by having a healthy working relationship between you (the enforcer) and your developer (the executor). As a matter of fact, there’s no need for a 100% unison of thought, word, and action here. Most of the time, knowing how to work and want to have is okay but its not enough. This piece covers more of a big picture and here we have Both parties should actively work towards clarifying their points. Here’s to better work with developers:

Choose your partner/s wisely

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Just like any relationship, before you get into one you should choose your partner/s wisely. If you don’t choose wisely then the success of your project is on the line. Be sure your developers can understand you, can communicate clearly, and professionals. You don’t need crappy developers who would waste your time and money.

Establish clear communication 


Communication has always been a problem on so many aspects; let’s be clear. Before you start putting work on their plate, you should know that developers are a special kind of professional. They speak a language so different that making communication is a bit of a challenge. Learn the basics of how development works and you’ll surely gain a better foothold to get your ideas into dev-related outcome. You will get questions like, “What language do you prefer for the build?” “What features do you want?” “Do you have a style guide or design in mind?”  and whatnot. Therefore, you should be clear of what you want. Much better if you have a blueprint to give them a full scope of the project.

Provide Overview

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Your developers are not guessers. You can’t just assume that they will know everything about your project. It doesn’t take that much time to provide knowledge about your service, product, or purpose. It’s actually better for them to get a clear perspective of what you are trying to get out there. Who knows, they may suggest feasible strategies and ideas for the implementation of your design.

Trust one another

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You will never go anywhere if you doubt your developer. There will certainly be a negative affect on both of you. Besides things not getting done, there will always be worries and conflict between two parties. Just trust one another.

Respect one another


Whether you’re the enforcer or executer; respect goes hand in hand. And as a client never walk all over your developer. No one is better than the other. Learn to respect each others role and be humble. You can always be firm but be respectful at all times.

Give them time


Sometimes, there will be some instances where you need to compromise in order to have have a better outcome. But only compromise in the right situations. Never push them on finishing tasks in a rush this will stress them out. If you don’t want the quality of your project to suffer then give them time. If ample amount of time is given to your developer then he/she could accomplish a lot and perform much better. Remember, they are humans not robots.

Pay them 


Don’t be greedy and don’t cheat. No work these is free. Money also effect the quality of their work. If you don’t fair the rightful amount then it will effect your project and you wouldn’t like that. Every developers needs to get assurance that you are not going to run away. Then pay up or else you get played. But of course take into consideration that you need to get documentations signed, in case it’s the other side of the story.

And these are our tips so you can foster a more free-flowing collaborative environment with you developer/s. If you have some experience that you would like to add and share. Don’t be shy to comment down below.

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