It’s inevitable to face challenges in life. But when turbulent times occur we tend to lose focus. Mind that by losing focus, you are actually affecting your performance and relationship with others around you.

So how would you get through and keep track? Yes, it’s not easy to keep your sanity in check; specially if you have a lot of things on your plate or things under the sun that demands your constant attention simultaneously. Lose no hope; just like anything else it’s a skill we all need to develop. Understanding your brain’s ability and learning to work around obstacles can improve your concentration the same time increasing your daily productivity.

Know the tips and tricks on how to divert entering a burnout territory.

Don’t over think

Overthinking of what is going on will affect you on so many levels; not just physically, mentally but also emotionally. It will also affect  your performance and the way you deal with other people around you. Focus on what is important. Don’t get carried away. think things thoroughly but with consent on a solution. As what my professor always say. Intellectualize your emotion in every scenario. If you have the power to overthink, then you also have the power to clear out your mind and think straight.

Drink up or eat up

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Give your brain a wake-up buzz. Grab some refreshing drink or munch something in. They say drinking berry smoothies and eating dark chocolates will boost your energy and help you focus. Though the effects are short-term it still helps.

Tidy up

Scientists found that physical clutter negatively affects your ability to focus and process information. So, take out anything that may distract you or add more stress to your current situation.

Get a warm hug

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Scientists claims that A hug is definitely a powerful way of healing. Since it releases oxytocin, DOPAMINE, and SEROTONIN in your body; you will feel less anxious and stressed. Thats why I go to my youngest brother and give him a big hug. So, hug your significant other, family, friends or a stranger (But of course, ask for consent) if it needs be. Spread love not hate.

Sleep well

Avoid lack of sleep. It has been tried and tested countless of times. But still most people tend to ignore the importance of having a good amount of sleep. Studies show that it promotes a vital role in our health and well-being. It also can affect how well you think, react, work, learn, and get along with others. That’s why you can never go wrong of catching a good amount of z’s.

Find inner peace

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Calm your mind. Sit straight and a do a simple ten to fifteen minute breathing meditation. Establishing a healthier relationship on what is happening in your mind. If you have the power to overthink, then you also have the power to control your mind and think things straight. Think about happy thoughts and tranquility. Take a moment to stretch and drink a glass of water. Then you can jump off to what you were doing. But remember to keep your pace.

Manage your time

Missed deadlines, poor performance, and lost focus are the results of lack of organization. Working smarter is better than working harder. Focusing on key tasks requires utmost attention and time management. It organizes your work and personal life efficiently. It’s unproductive to make use of your time with bad habits and procrastinations. Avoid them so you don’t throw yourself off track.

Listen to music.

In order to help you find focus in a busy and noisy surrounding, music is an escape pod for you. According to Dr. Lesiuk’s research, it will affect your performance. But of course, keep in mind of the mixtape you choose. Just plug and play if you have time to do so. In fact, there’s an app called which has a selection of music.


Never let distractions get into you. Also the flair of drama, should not move you. It still depends on you. Regardless if you followed my tips but your heart, body, and mind is not fully committed, then you’ll perceptibly burn out. Like Dr. Schwartzbard says, our ability to focus and concentrate lets us accomplish amazing outcomes. So, slow down your load or else you’ll explode.

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