If you are ready to send your first newsletter, MailChimp is the best way to go. MailChimp allows you to send marketing emails, targeted campaigns and automated messages. It is intended to build trust, loyalty or brand awareness. You can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free! Just create your own template and send it over and over to readers.

Newsletters and the templates used must be simple, mobile friendly and visually appealing. But, if you can’t create your own template, there are also readily available templates you can use instead. In this list, we compiled the best newsletter templates for MailChimp. All are ready to use and easy to customise.

1. Anne

templates that are classy

“Anne” is an elegant multipurpose email template. This offers a great default styling while providing several options to customize and design. It is ready to be used with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor as well as HTML.

2. Multimail

multiple templates

“Multimail” is a flexible and responsive email templates. It lets user build unlimited layouts with unlimited color combinations. It is ready to use on MailChimp and much more. It contains over 179 modules and is one of the best selling email template sets over the last year.

3. Fashion & Ecommerce

fashion templates

“Fashion & Ecommerce” is an email template suitable for many types of email marketing campaigns. It is very suitable for fashion or jewelry email campaigns or product promotions. It has very strong aesthetics while keeping its class and boldness.

4. Kant

templates for mailchimp

“Kant” is is a clean, modern and responsive e-mail template. You can use it as a professional and focused email template. It i s known to be directed at startups.

5. Christmas

christmas templates

With a snow animation you can make your campaign more lively and also the place holder image will make your products more noticeable. This is a great newsletter template for MailChimp ideal for the cold season campaigns.

6. Emailio

good template

“Emailio” Make your e-newsletter memorable with good design and colorful graphic elements. This would be good for product launches, travel agencies, fashion, weddings, restaurants and much more! It contains more than 60 different modules.

7. Moka

moka template

Moka is a responsive minimalist email template. It is very easy to use and customize. You can easily apply your own color scheme on it that will match your branding.

8. Supra

mailchimp template

This great, responsive email template has many great features such as: drag & drop modules, unlimited structures and colours, full width design and product-focused templates. It is packed with 20 templates and has an online template builder.

9. inCorp

This is an easy to realign or build your own layout for the template. It is suitable for your newsletter business or showing your products.

10. Deso


Deso is an easy to use online editor that you can use to create your preferred layout. Just select your preferred module and copy/delete/replace as you want. You can make the template be more diverse with the modular style.

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