Startups don’t have the benefit of having a full team right off the bat, but that doesn’t mean that start-up founders should be doing everything on their own.

Although startups might be tempted to keep operations as lean as possible, hiring top candidates can provide that much-needed set of fresh eyes you need in order to push your operations forward.

The value of recruitment

There is a lot of talk about how competitive the job market is right now. The Guardian estimates that fewer entry level jobs will open this year, but that graduate recruitment is expected to ramp up in order to compensate. As excellent graduates continue to enter the workforce, it’s up to companies to create opportunities that will appeal to these candidates.

Recruitment also allows startups to shape the future of today’s workplace. A survey by The Financial Times shows that diversity and inclusivity is becoming a priority for companies across Europe – including the UK. If diversity and inclusivity are central to your company’s culture, your recruitment processes are the first step in making this a reality.


Recruit smarter, not harder

Your budget and need for a team member will ultimately determine what kind of strategies you go with. Word of mouth referrals are a great way to hire talent, but this recruitment strategy can take a bit longer than usual. According to Comeet’s post on staffing agencies, these companies can get you specialised talent quicker while obviously costing a bit more money upfront. One of the other disadvantages of a recruitment agency is that it doesn’t allow your company brand to shine through, as candidates are typically using a recruitment portal to sift through their options. Companies who value fostering meaningful connections might want to consider outreach strategies such as networking events or job fairs.

Leveraging your network is also crucial in finding the perfect team member. The truth is that startups are a dime a dozen, and having that personal connection goes a long way in differentiating your company from the rest. Personal networks also serve as indirect vetting, as you’re more likely to be directed to candidates who your friends and peers trust. On your end, you should be open to the prospect of informational interviews as a way to create open lines of communication and get a better sense of how a potential candidate could affect your team.

It’s no secret that recruitment is a tedious process, but it’s a necessary one if you want to take your business operations to the next level. Creating interactive social media advertisements and talking to applicants in real-time through comments sections or direct messages makes recruitment a bit more bearable — they’re also great ways to show off your company’s personality.

Neil Patel’s guest post on 10 Ways to Help Your Startup Launch Fast outlines that startup companies need to move fast in order to succeed. Using quality recruitment processes to build up your team allows you to get to where you want to be faster.

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Lorrence Manlapig

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