Values mean nothing without action. So these are our core behaviours.

  • Start with customers

  • Practice extraordinary kindness

  • Be radically candid

  • Move intentionally fast

  • Just fix it

  • Lead by serving others

  • Dream big

Our team

Love the Idea is a remote-first company. We don’t just allow our team to work remotely once in a while — we empower them to be flexible.

We envision a world where no idea is too big, whether its for fun or for a business, anyone can create powerful, amazing digital inventions as easily as they create documents today.

“We champion entrepreneurs by delivering the perfect tech help and tools for their journey.”

We help at every stage of the tech journey, whether it creating inspirational videos, informative project managers or friendly Love the Idea developers who can’t wait to start building.

CEO – Mr. Pickering

Need to build a custom Web or Mobile App?

It's great to have you! We can help with whatever you need to do, from adjusting your website to upgrading your tech and lots more.