In today’s era it’s not a surprise that home based jobs are starting to grow and they are out there. No doubt that it has had great benefits not just for employees but also for employers. Every single time I’ve been asked the same question over and over again. Well, I’ve been throwing the same answer ever since. But yet again when I thought the questions have ended, then comes their follow up questions like… “So how is the home based experienced?” “Isn’t it boring?” “Isn’t hard?” “What’s the difference of working from home and at the office” blah blah blah… So to end the FAQs. Here goes to why I loved working from.

1. Work Can Be Done Almost Anywhere


You can do your job wherever and whenever you want…you can even sit in a beach chair with a cocktail in hand for all I care…as long as you get our desired results., based on one employer.

Most of remote workers have their office at home, but like what the above statement says. As long as you have internet around! You can make every place your working space. Well, truth is who wouldn’t love the idea of bringing work wherever they go? Even if you are an ambivert, extrovert or introvert you would love to work in tranquility. You can be at the coffee shop, traveling, at the beach or at my friends flat. No need to ask for a holiday’s leave or a day off. Everyday feels like you are on a day off. Just don’t slack off so that you won’t get stressed finishing the task on time.

2. No more dealing with traffic and ridiculous long commutes 


Atlas! No more sighs, no more beating against the red light, no more waiting for bus rides, no more 1 hour time allotment to leave the house for work, no stealing cab rides, and of course no more facing against the weather if there’s a storm while on your way to work. What you just need to do is sit back and relax on your cozy couch or ergonomic chair and work your way off. That’s it! No hassle at all. All the struggles of snarl ups and other dangers is put to an end. Plus you save transportation expenses and time!

3. Save more money


It is quite obvious. Imagine the cut down on your transportation, food, clothing, and other fees which you might encounter along the way. You’ll see the immediate difference just by staying for a week. Your savings account will be your tracker because you don’t need to bear with all the costs of living, except your bills of course. Other than that, you can say good bye to everyday formal attire. No need to stress out about the outfit for the day or even maintaining a formal wardrobe. You got no one to please except your boss. Didn’t we forget to mention about the food costs? Well, you’ll be able to whip up any choice of food you like instead of sticking with cafeteria’s menu.

4. You hold your time

This one depends on your contract with your employer. It’s your decision. Before you started working there’s a contract signed along with its terms and conditions. Of course, you need to stick to that. But the thing is you still hold your time. You can work while you are eating,  You can choose any job you like. A lot of work can be done remotely nowadays and it is now possible to work in flexible schedules. Since you and your employer are not with the same time frame, you can do your job whenever it suits you as long as you meet deadlines. Like in my case; as a Business Manager I don’t necessarily need to be around the same time as my employer’s availability hours. As long as I have asked and cleared out the instruction I can independently do my job. But when unforeseen circumstances arises, maximize the resources you have. If not, then just message your colleagues or your employer for support. Skip the unclear task and finish the others. By that, you are saving yourself some time to have everything settled. Remember just do your job and make results.

5. I’ve learn to be resourceful and autonomous. 


Because you don’t have workmates beside you’ll end up finding answers about things you are not familiar. You start to develop the skill of searching for your own answers. Of course you can still ask questions and get help if you need to. But, your employer won’t always be their to answer your inquiries. Most of the time, I just use my trusty tool–Google search. Well, fact is we are not perfect and its even harder to work alone especially when you are really having difficulty on a certain task which you do not know how to navigate or solve. Remember, mistakes are there to serve as your experience. It will serve as your own betterment in the future. One thing is for sure don’t get too willy doing mistakes. Be mindful and proactive!

6. You can spend more quality time 


On your first few weeks, you are still on the process of adapting, absorbing, and adjusting. You will feel lonely and deserted because of your job. But as time pass by, you learn to work around and manage your time wisely. You’ll be able to maximize your break time and use it accordingly with friends or family. You are not only able to do your job but also able to bond with the ones you love much longer than you could possibly imagine compared to working from your office.

7. Obviously No Office Drama


With no doubt, there’s really a presence of gossips working at an office. But when you work remotely you will notice that big difference. Since you only speak with our boss. There is no time for back-fence talks. And that’s a great perks for me because there’s no need to deal with drama or competitions. We do not work to impress others but only ourselves and our employers.

Well that’s just about it and I wouldn’t say working from home is better than any job. No you’ve got that all wrong. Some of you would enjoy being inside four corners of your office, classrooms, or out in the fields. We might struggle more than the others, but we certainly face similar challenges and problems of the work we love.

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