1) Entertain your creative brain.

Choosing the right color scheme for your website’s design is crucial for your online success. In spite of the apparent easiness still it’s one of the most hard task to decide. QuickSprout states that 90% of all product assessments have to do with color. There is what we call Color Psychology where colors are said to stimulate an affect to our human senses. So what should you do?

2) Keep up with Trends.

Keep yourself updated with the latest changes in technology. Also pay attention to “small things” that make a huge impact and in maintaining a website to work beautifully. If there are certain upgrades by all means  update it never forget to keep everything from you back-end and front-end up to date.

They are made to nurture your site so you can reap the benefits of Drawing Attention, strengthens Security, helps boost SEO, expands your Networking, makes Responsive web design, Communication, and Tracking your performance.

3) Your design should encourage people to click.

Visitors who don’t click don’t convert. So whatever your call-to-action button is, keep in mind of how you make your visitors feel while they are on your page. Here’s a list that Neil Patel advised:


4) Don’t slam everything on one page.

No more than 5 buttons. Don’t exhaust or overwhelm your visitors with a lot of texts or photos. This doesn’t attract then and keep them stay longer in your site. When in fact, it will draw them out. Less is more. Everything should be easily labelled. Fewer choices make your visitor feel hassle free. Plus, it simplifies their decisions.

5) Keep it structured.

Overwhelming designs tire your visitors; don’t over complicate things. Never offer poor navigation,  don’t use excessive pop-ups, don’t put multimedia content that autoplays and don’t boast disorienting animations.

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