There are those times where you feel very lazy: you wanna slack, you wanna sleep, and just doing nothing. Don’t get me wrong I have felt the same thing on so many occasions especially when I was in college. We all have those days were we don’t feel like doing anything, but still there’s a lot of things that needs to be done. That’s why when you’re feeling lazy, try out these suggestions to overcome procrastination.

Manage your time

Time management has always been very important. It doesn’t only organize your tasks but it also forces you to meet your goals. Knowing how much time you have and how long you need to finish a certain task will surely keep your focus on and monitor your tasks.

Reward yourself

Motivation is your key to start your work. Whether you’re a student or a worker you will need something to get you started and to keep you going. Get some sweet treat, a funny video clip, or a warm hug from the people you love. Remember to reward yourself for every small tasks you complete. Occasional rewards sweeten the tasks and helps you keep an eye on work.

Listen to music

Nothing beats a good music. Listening to music has a lot of benefits especially by setting up your mood. Its deemed to make repetitive-boring tasks more enjoyable. In fact, Dr. Lesiuk’s research found that those who listened to music completed their tasks more quickly and came up with better ideas than those who didn’t, because music improved their mood.

Start small and think big

Go easy with yourself. Break down your main tasks into smaller steps. That being said, you also need to consider doing deeper stuff and stop drowning with shallow work. Mind ticking your checklists as you easily complete your tasks one by one. This will help you manage your work better and as a result do few things, while giving your best shoot.

Maintain a good posture

Incorrect seated posture

Sit up straight and don’t slouch! A lot of us overlook the power of posture and how impacting it is on our everyday living. Erik Peper found that people who were upright and dynamic felt more energetic, happier and optimistic. A good posture entails distributing the force of gravity through your body so don’t overstressed one structure in your body. It will affect your frame of mind, energy, alertness, and concentration. So sit straight, soldier!

Stretch, stretch!

After maintaining a good posture never forget to stretch those soar muscle. “That’s because stretching increases your blood flow and circulation for a healthier body and sends oxygen to your brain for a clearer mind and sunnier moods,” says Peggy Hall, wellness expert.

Team up

This may or may not apply with introverts. But like any other tasks, it feels much better if you have a teammate or colleague who can help you in terms of calibrating or people with the same work mindset. This doesn’t only increase your motivation but will also drive you to the next wave of productivity gains.

Have small breaks

Last but not the least, have small breaks. I know this may sound self-refuting with our topic but this actually helps. Give yourself a 5 minute break after doing a 40 minute work. It makes your work seem less daunting.

Accomplishing things is very fulfilling so don’t waste your time doing nothing. Work your butt off and just do it!


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