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8 months


Mobile App Developement

About the Company

Thursday Dating is an innovative dating app now available in London and NYC. This unique platform sets out to redefine the dating experience by making every Thursday an exhilarating day for singles.

The Thursday Dating App brings users together on a specific day of the week, which happens to be Thursday. Unlike conventional apps where users interact at various times, our goal is to unite everyone on this designated day, encouraging matches, engaging conversations, and exciting real-life dates.

Goals and challenges

The seasoned tech team understands that websites or apps may encounter unexpected issues, requiring immediate code fixes – a common reality in the industry.

Thursday Dating encountered its own set of challenges with system failures, prompting them to approach LTI for a solution. The cumbersome process of manual code fixing and updates across multiple platforms (Google, Apple, IOS) needed streamlining. Their primary goal was to implement automatic deployment, ensuring effortless code publication to a testing server or online platform with every developer push. This solution aimed to facilitate agile adjustments and improvements for their app.

What We Offered




3 months


DevOps / Cloud Developement

Deep solution research

Upon reaching a significant milestone of 10,000 daily users, the requirement arose to scale the application horizontally. To address this challenge, our developers conducted in-depth research, considering the limitations posed by certain third-party services. Through meticulous configuration, they optimized the application to handle increased loads, guaranteeing a seamless and uninterrupted user experience.

We embraced a collaborative approach, meticulously assessing project objectives and complexities to devise a streamlined solution.

Achieving Efficiency with Automated Processes

Implementing a well-orchestrated plan, developers gained the ability to swiftly deploy code changes with a simple button press, instantly updating the live server. The seamless coordination facilitated by GitLab software played a pivotal role throughout the project’s execution.

With a history of consistently successful deliveries, LTI teams remain committed to continuous improvement, always seeking to push the boundaries and overcome challenges with unwavering dedication.

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