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24 months


iOS Native AR App


About the Company

Specsavers, a prominent optical and healthcare enterprise headquartered in the UK, places a strong emphasis on leveraging technology to enhance their services. With this in mind, they conceived the idea of developing a tool to help customers choose the most suitable glasses or sunglasses based on their face shape and size.

Goals and challenges

At Specsavers, their main objective is to continuously explore innovative ways to enhance their services. One such initiative involved the creation of a private internal app designed to complement their exceptional in-store customer service representatives.

The private app serves as a user-friendly tool to scan customers’ faces swiftly, accurately determining their face size and shape. Using this information, the app then recommends the ideal glasses or sunglasses that best fit the customer’s face, storing the data for future reference.

What We Offered




24 months


iOS Native AR App​


Development - Native iOS

To bring this app to life, Specsavers collaborated closely with Love the Idea. Together, we developed the Native iOS App using Swift and integrated specific elements of the iPad hardware to bolster security measures. The development process encompassed several crucial aspects, including designing the front-end interface, optimizing user navigation on the iPad, and ensuring seamless data interpretation and transmission to the back-end system.

Throughout the project’s development, comprehensive analytical assessments were continuously conducted. These involved sending automatic reports to Specsavers, allowing their team to stay informed of any emerging challenges or issues.

Deployment processes

After overcoming the various challenges encountered during the project, the team focused on setting up a deployment system for the QA team and beta testing purposes. Multiple versions of the app, known as Specsavers – Frame Styler, were successfully launched.

Presently, the app is available in 50 Specsavers branches across the UK and has even been rolled out in Australia. Its performance has garnered positive feedback from stakeholders. Consequently, an online version supporting the iOS App was also developed. This online version, Frame Styler, can now be accessed by anyone from the comfort of their home via the Specsavers official website.

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