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4+ years


Mobile App Developement





4+ years


Mobile App Developement


About the Company

Qiva, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, facilitates collaboration among councils, business leaders, colleges, and local community groups, empowering them to provide intelligent targeted mobile services.

Goal and Challenges

Qiva approached our team with a prototype app for local events. Their vision was to evolve it into a system that fosters cooperation between local governments and businesses, generating deals and attracting people to their respective areas. Embracing the challenge, the team committed to bringing their software ideas to life.

Through multiple meetings, the team meticulously detailed, documented, and navigated the complexities of the new App framework. The primary objective was to create an App exclusively for students at a specific university, granting them access to essential helplines and guidance. The App would support multiple installations and include SMS functionality.

Collaborating for Success

Over the past year, the team worked closely with Qiva to develop a sophisticated framework, enabling them to understand and grow the complexity of their ideal app comprehensively.

The app was built using native Swift for iOS and Java for Android, ensuring not only an enhanced user experience but also seamless access to various hardware features that hybrid apps often lack. The custom map function utilized Google Map API and Geo-Map skin, complemented by custom-designed overlays, delivering the desired outcomes.

Noteworthy Features

The system empowers local businesses to showcase their services within the app, fostering the creation of local community hubs. App users receive notifications about local news, events, surveys, and mutually beneficial deals offered by community businesses. Basic features facilitate brand and deal promotion, while paid features offer advanced analytics and third-party integration capabilities.

IoT Sensors and GEO-positioning Tracking

Tracking played a pivotal role in both the Admin panel and App. In the project’s second iteration, the team explored and incorporated IoT sensors, alongside new Wi-Fi geo-positioning tracking, to gain valuable insights into footfall at specific local businesses. This project innovation places geolocation technology and data processing at the forefront of development.

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