Lead Capture Redefined: Bridging the Physical and Digital Realms for Seamless Integration

About the Company

Akkroo is a robust lead capture solution bridging the gap between physical and digital realms. As an exhibitor, you have complete control over the process at events of any scale. Akkroo takes pride in developing its technology from the ground up, utilizing Native iOS, JS, PHP, and an overall thoughtful design.

Goals and challenges

Akkroo’s primary goal is to continuously enhance its service by exploring innovative approaches. One such objective involves enabling white labeling of their forms, providing clients with an intuitive and user-friendly builder.

The iPad app serves as a convenient tool for swiftly capturing customer details and verifying event attendance. Additionally, the app efficiently processes and stores data while providing valuable marketing trend recommendations.

What We Offered


Big Data


3 years


Data Capture App

Development - Native iOS

To make the App a reality, Love the Idea collaborated closely with Akkroo CTO. The iOS iPad App was developed in Swift. The front-end aspect, how users navigated through the iPad, data interpretation, and data transmission back to the back-end system were just a few of the requirements we completed in the App.

Performing various analytical aspects of the App during the project’s development was also a part of our ongoing work. 

Deployment processes

After overcoming the challenges encountered throughout this project and building up the App’s frameworks we also set out to set up a deployment system for the QA team and for beta testing purposes. The team was able to successfully launch multiple versions of the App.

Akkroo was sold to the US company Integrate in 2019.

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