The Day For Dating

One day you'll meet. And that would be Thursday. It's the most exciting day to be single, every week.

Thursday Dating is a dating app that is officially live in London and NYC. That aims to be different and make every Thursday the most exciting day to be single.

An Exciting Day for Single

Thursday Dating App connects users on a specific day of the week, Thursday. Instead of everyone using the app at different times, the goal is for everyone to get together on a specific day, match, strike up a conversation, and go out on a date.

Understanding the Complexities

Being in the tech industry for many years, we can’t deny that there are times when there are unexpected issues on websites or apps that require you to fix something in the code. That’s fine, and it’s all part of the game.

Thursday Dating is also having so-called system failures. They approached LTI because it was taking them too long to fix the code and then manually update it on each platform, including Google, Apple, and IOS. They approached us because they wanted to implement the automatic deployment, which means that when their developer pushes the code, it will be automatically published on a testing server or online, allowing them to make quick changes.

Defining and Developing a Strategy for the WIN

To achieve the new project goal, the LTI team collaborates to define the goal and the complexities of how we can achieve it. We planned the actions we should have taken so that when their developer fixed or changed something in the code, it would simply push up to the live server if they pressed a single button. We worked closely with GitLab software throughout this project. We’ve always been able to deliver the project successfully and make the impossible possible.