Providing ways to find support and guidance across a wide range of UK Universities where learners might feel vulnerable

Learning Curve Group utilize technology to provide support and guidance to learners or anyone who may feel vulnerable by developing an app that consists of all of the important support helplines.

Solution for the new challenge

LCG offers a high level of learning support, making sure anyone who has a complaint or feels vulnerable is acknowledged. The LCG and LTI teams collaborated to define a more adaptable and ideal mobile and admin panel solution that allowed for multiple installs.

We were able to detail, document, and work through the complexities of a new App framework by having multiple meetings. The product goal was to create an App that students at a specific university can download, giving them access to all of the necessary helplines and guidance. The App would be able to have multiple installs along with SMS functionality.

Better Care Through
Effective Communication

As part of the project, the app will be integrated into SMS Messaging, allowing a student to report an incident, and the app will immediately send a text message to a designated Health Safeguard officer, who will contact those in need of assistance.

Students can download the app to sign in and see the reports they’ve submitted, read blogs about how to overcome various challenges and find a variety of charity phone numbers.

Highlighting Success

The finished app was launched successfully and proved to be useful. The same aspect has been rolled out to various universities across the UK. Universities use it in the same way, offering it to students who feel threatened on their grounds. A designated safeguard officer will contact them directly and use SMS messaging to facilitate it.