Why People Love The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Series?

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Why People Love The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Series?

It’s true, technology never ceases to amaze us. Every now and then, new technologies are invented.

Fundamentally new classes of technology nowadays appears rarer than it was in the past. One example would be from Apple, who knows that the rise of Siri sparked an evolution in the field of voice control. The power of voice automation has now been upgraded and improved for home use. Who wouldn’t thought that it’s now possible to bring a system like Tony Stark’s Jarvis inside your house?  I’ve asked a couple of friends if they have heard about Alexa and neither one of them knew what it is. Well matter of fact, it’s here and you wouldn’t like to miss out a taste of the future. Introducing, “Alexa” a voice-activated personal assistant powered by Amazon Echo and Echo Dot series. If you haven’t heard about it, then I’ll give you the reasons why you should have one now!

Fair-field voice recognition and Bluetooth voice requests


With its far-field voice technology, enhanced noise cancellation, and seven microphones it can hear you  from any direction inside your house—just simply use the wake word “Alexa”. The cool rim lights up and listens to every command. You can turn the volume up, down, answer calls, and pair devices without you having to touch it. Less hassle more benefits.

 Order Domino’s Pizza


Hungry for pizza? No more going through your phone or laptop just to order a pizza. Just tell Alexa to order you one.



You can either set a timer or adjust your alarm through voice. No more manual set up. Just say the word and your good to go.

Discover, request, & buy music


Just ask for your favorite mixtape, artist, song, specific genre or even better you can let Alexa pick music for you. Another thing, you can also search a song by stating the lyrics if you forgot the title of it. I mean, Siri, is that you?

Facts & fun
We absolutely don’t hold every fact in the world but you can ask Alexa. It always gets smarter and updates using the cloud in order to answer any questions. The more the device is used, the more it adapts to speech patterns, word choice, and personal preferences. Just don’t go giddy on asking about your Math’s homework. Try asking about certain places, historical events, and well-known people. What’s even more amazing is it can also tell jokes! How fun and smart thing it is?!

Flash Briefing
Unlike any other technology it doesn’t get any better than this. You can now listen to any latest news without having to read your local news paper or even open your telly to get a fresh news. She can  customized to read the news for you. Plus an Autocast and Voicecast contents can also be automatically delivered on your tablet. Just go to the settings and turn on Autocast and Voicecast.

Sports News

Now, if you are Sports junkie and miss out your favorite team to play. You can ask “Alexa what’s the score for last nights game?” It will provide you scores for NBA, NHL, NCAA, NFL, MLB, and MLS games.

To-Do Lists


No need to write down your to-do or grocery lists on paper or on your device. Let Alexa do it for you. Talk about a spontaneous assistant who can write things for you.

Requesting for Uber


Grabing an Uber has not get any better than this. No need to go on your Application and book yourself a ride. Alexa can do it for you!

Traffic Check

Amazon Echo can tell you about the traffic conditions on your daily commute. First, enter your starting point and destination in the Amazon Echo App. Then, ask your Amazon Echo about the traffic on your route.

Weather Forecast

“Alexa what’s the weather for today?” by that you can confirm about the weather forecast by just asking. All you have to do is ask and ask the right question

Other services


Want to access your podcasts, shows, and live radio? Just link and add your custom radio stations from iHeartRadio or Pandora using the device and viola! Enjoy the ease!

With an Amazon Echo priced at ÂŁ149.99 and Echo Dot for only £49.99 is not that bad for a voice operated assistant. It provides you news, weather, information, music, alarm, and other services—instantly than any other products out there can provide. The device itself upgrades every time you use it so there’s more skills it can improve on. It’s voice recognition is deemed to be pretty decent and it’s speakers deliver quite well without making it sounding tinny.

Need I say more? A tool which can be very useful both for people with physical limitations and needs. A smart home controller and entertainment hub just got smarter and it’s here. The Amazon Echo series may not be the most perfect device but it’s surely not a failure. Explore the world with hands-free services, it’s certainly worth a try! Here’s to technology living to its mere purpose in making our lives a little bit more easier and convenient! Some may say lazier but focus more in beauty rather than the disarray. Not convinced yet? Here’s a a cool demonstration you can ponder on.


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