Looking to transition from work or try something new?

Our ‘Idea to Startup’ events will help you understand your users so you can build a better product. Come along to our next event – scroll on to find out more.
Our event is for those eager to test their limits beyond belief and find out how they can go about launching their startup idea. Come find out more about the selection process, training, experiences, technology, logistics and most importantly your questions. You’ll either walk away inspired or scared. One thing you won’t be is bored.
With lessons based on the experience of having built and grown million pound startups applied to our courses, it is in itself a relentless challenge which will see you constantly progressing and striving to ensure that you are ready to self-start.

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Community building in London, running twice a year for early-stage tech startups.
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No previous business experience is required.

Love the Idea is looking for adventurous entrepreneurs to boost them along their startup adventure. Come network, no previous business experience is required. Have you got a great idea? We provide support and our technical resources to startup communities to equip and nurture entrepreneurs.

Guest Speaking

Growing a business is a marathon not a race.

Listen to guest stories and insight. On top of that you’ll learn basic site management, marketing tactics, survival on your own and business feedback. Above all, the most important skill you’ll learn is being self-disciplined, growing a business is a marathon not a race.


It’s important to be prepared in how to build teams.

Warm up with learn-by-doing training programmes first. We’ll kit you out with fully working blogging system worth hundreds for you to experience the challenges of starting up and building communities on a region and global scale. It’s important to be prepared in how to build teams, support networks, and run a site.

Tech Interviews We ❤️️