Tech News: What to look forward this New Year

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Tech News: What to look forward this New Year

2017 is finally here and it’s that time of the year again! While other people are trying to wrap their heads around reflecting on what happened to their life back in 2016. A furor of conventional reactions like “New Year’s resolution”, “page 1 of 365”, “first ____ of the year” “Good bye 2016, hello 2017” is quite inevitable. But most importantly, we, the tech industry, looks forward on knowing this year’s most anticipated technologies and that is what CES brought us on this year’s convention at Las Vegas last January 2. Whether you’re tech junkie or a normal consumer. We have a list of what 2017 technologies has in store.

Fleet of self-driving cars


There’s no wonder, car companies are starting to put more and more high tech features on their automobiles like the fleet of self-driving cars. We thought that they’re still testing it out, but truth is they are already out there and have working models, one example would be Uber. Although there were incidents of minor errors. It’s sure to make first riders a bit worried and uncomfortable sitting in cars that drive by its own.


Different car companies are also coming out with the self-driving milestone such as Google’s Waymo robot taxi, Volvo, Ford, BMW, and Baidu (Google of China). Some car companies like Volvo and Ford are going to test and release cars out in Europe. While others are trying out in public roads. But what makes the highlight of the automobile industry is the Tesla model 3. It is coming out October this year to demonstrate its technology feature with the mission of driving itself from Los Angeles to New York.

Smart Luggage

If you love traveling and you are always with a suitcase or luggage you will surely like Raden, Away, Rimowa and COWAROBOT R1. With Raden, you will enjoy a suitcase equipped with a built-in charger, GPS technology, a scale that helps you weigh your bag and other essential features. With Away you will have a chic hard-case carry-on with a built-in battery that can charge devices via USB cable and lets you charge your iPhones 5x over. Then, we have Rimowa which gives you a digital display screen near the handle replacing airline’s standard bar code label. Finally, we have the first autonomous suitcase in the world COWAROBOT R1; a hands free suitcase that travels beside you and maneuvers through traffic on its own.

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Bluetooth Tracking devices


If you are the type of person who misplaces your keys, wallet, ID, remote control, and other day to day important stuff. You will be a sure buyer of the Tile, Xupo, Bringrr & BringTags, XY Find-It, PebbleBee, StickNFind, BluTracker, PROTAG Elite, Find’Em Tracking, Leif, and Linquet. This little suckers will help and make sure you never lose any of your items again. Last year’s traditional trackers came through different shapes and sizes but now a company called Chipolo showed off their smallest and thinnest trackers: a Sticker and a Clip. Whereas you can just attach it on different items for a lighter feel.


Bluetooth trackers even reached our fitness life with wearable watches, wristbands, rings, and whatnot. You will be able to monitor your sleep, calories, steps, heart rate, and other incredible insights related to your health. Check out Motiv, Garmin, Shine, Fitbit, and Withings.

High end upgrade to Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are set to expand their artificial intelligence functions. This year will be seeing a turf war emerge between the various assistants connecting products into homes. We will see a e-assistant for kids like Mattel’s Aristotle which will guide them as they grow. Alexa is partnering with Ford, LG, Lenovo, and other smart home appliance companies. While other brands are partnering with cable TV companies. They’re ensuring our network devices automation is integrated in the smoothest and easiest way.


If you are looking for a robot with personality, there’s a state-of-the-art deep learning technology called Olly. It enhances the accuracy of its conversational system through out time. It won the CES convention this year for smart home, drones, unmanned systems, home appliances, and home audio-video integration.


Personal assistant such as Siri and Cortana will also take its place into smart homes. But Cortana will focus more on business matters like their Microsoft softwares.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality steps forward

When Google glasses first came out they were really expensive, but now they are using cheaper materials to drop the price so that it can be affordable for everyone. Although VR’s and AR’s didn’t take over mass production last year CNET claims that there will become more mainstream this year. More products and services building on the mass-market acceptance and familiarity in this category that 2016 products like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation Now, and Pokemon Go helped pioneer for its exposure. In fact, HTC shares that they will put out wireless VR in the market middle of this year. Users will have an immerse experience on what they are going to watch or attend too with this gadget.


Gaming consoles

For avid gamers out there we have the latest XBOX system called Scorpio. Microsoft claims it’s the most powerful gaming console in the history of gaming systems. You can play games coming from an XBOX 1 version with this big boy. Also coming this March is the Nintendo Switch. It’s a gaming console which you can be snapped on and off a tablet making you have the free will to play at home or on-the-go.


Down with drones

Since drones soar high this year. Various companies and startups are coming out with their models with different functions.

Drones that were used for taking aerial view, for patrol, and for fishing were unveiled at CES 2017. What’s more cooler than more choices and affordable prices of drones. A few dozen drone companies came out with different concepts. DJI’s Phantom 4 drone pack with 4K video and 3-axis camera stabilization is great for Obstacle Sensing, ActiveTrack, and TapFly. Byrd’s new Premium 2.0 drone have a 4K modular camera mounting system. The drone can be folded up, fly for half-an-hour with streaming range of 2,000 meters, and can carry up to a five-pound camera rig. Here we have a nanodrone named Microdrone 3.0 is said to be the world’s smallest gymbal for positioning the camera. We also have the latest tethered PowerRay from PowerVision which is a versatile fishing drone remote powered with 12MP stills and 4K video. Yuneec jumped into the pro-class drone market with its new Typhoon H packed with 4K camera, 360-degree anti-vibration gymbal, and a 7-inch touchscreen on its ground station.


We also have the Hover Camera Passport a flying selfie camera that will follow everywhere you go to capture every moment. What makes it even more great about this drone its just the size of a notebook.

Digital Camera 

High resolution cameras are coming out of the horizon. From 4K video, Post Focus, improved 360-degree cameras, to simpler camera apps. We found cameras that came out and will be coming out this year.


Canon’s resolution goes crazy with its stunning 250 megapixel sensor. They claim that their new technology, APS-H sensor is the world’s highest resolution CMOS sensor. Another great products they are going to release this year would be Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Canon EOS 1D C Mark II, Canon Cinema EOS C100 Mark III, Canon EOS Rebel T7i, T7s etc.

This year Panasonic is sure to get videographers heart with their Lumix DC-GH5 with dual card slots. The camera features a 6k photo mode feature with built in body stabilization, 20.3MP Four Thirds sensor, updated Venus Engine processor, ultra-high resolution EVF and a fully articulating LCD. No doubt, Sony gained great popularity with their sensors being used by signature brands i.e. Nikon and iPhone. Other than that their models like Alpha a6700, XDCAM PXS-FS5 Mark II, Alpha a9/a7R III, and Alpha a7 III are coming out this year. Nikon unveil their D5 and D500, D500 spectacular DX camera gives high iso results. They both have Multi-Cam 20K software.


Insta360 air camera model and DxO One 20.2MP Digi Cam is out. A gear whereas you can connect through your phone to take immersive 360-degree HD quality videos and photos that can be livestreamed or shared instantly on social media.


Laptops on top performance

One of the most controversial at the CES show and also in tech news nowadays is the Razer Project Valerie. Its technology is so cool that their prototypes were stolen at the event. Well, simply because it has an insane triple screen laptop with a 17inch 4k display—a desktop on the go.

Moving on, Acer also showcased massive performance of their laptop called Predator 21X with were you get overclockable Core i7, two GTX 1080, 5 drive bays, 2 power supplies and of course a 21inch curve display. On the other hand LG showed off Gram 14. Its traditional look a thin and light hardware it packs a 60 watt hour battery life which is sure to last longer.

Enhanced Television Experience

This year’s telly will make you an absolute couch potato. They upgraded their screens LG’s latest W7 TV an insanely flat flexible screen will look incredible in your living room. It has a 4k OLED panel which you can literally stick on your wall. Samsung also has QLED series which gives the experience of HDR content and innovative Optical Cable feature.



Talking about television Hisense also came up with an astounding 100 inch laser projector TV with 4k HDR and full sound set up. Panasonic on the other hand, has Window Projector which by far the most futuristic projector in the CES event. Razer didn’t want to get left behind so they have Project Ariana. Ariana gives you an extra peripheral vision making your screen expand. Last but definitely not the least XPeria’s mobile projector where you can project on a surface, use it as a gallery wall, and switch it up for entertainment since it has that tablet feel into it.

Speakers and Headset

Music and film lovers you are not left behind. We have researched  the best and the baddest must-have multimedia speakers and headphones. Names like Audio-Technica, AKG, Sennheiser, Sony, and many more won’t disappoint you with their latest models. In fact LG Tone Studio wearable speakers and Tone Free earphones are a great personal wearable speaker this year. It features four speakers– that give a personal surround sound experience when playing a video game, listening to music and watching movies. If you want the best high resolution in-ear headphones, go for Optoma NuForce HEM6. If you are for budget, quality and comfort, then go for Sennheiser Momentum; a fully-featured and powerful in-ear headphones. But for a closed back planar magnetic headphones from the gods, give it a go with Oppo PM-3. For gamer headsets, we have HyperX coming out with Cloud Revolver S on February. The company claims it’s the first plug-and-play Dolby surround sound pair of headphones of its type made for serious users who wants ferocious gaming performance. Check out other headphones you might like: SteelSeries Arctis Gaming Headphones, Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones, Jabra Elite Sport, and Plantronics BackBeat Pro.

Now let’s talk about speakers. Samsung has partnered with Atmos— if you’re a big fan of Dolby get their majestic sound bar HW-K950. It will give you that realistic and great quality of sound you get in movies. The Sony HT-NT5 has that sleek good look and excellent surround sound. Here are other speakers you might like: Yamaha YAS-203, Mass Fidelity Core Wireless Speaker, B & O Play Beolit 15 Speaker, KEF Muo and LG SH7B.



Smartphones has been a great part of our life. Ever year cellphone companies put high tech features on their phone. Now this year take a look on game changing gadget. First on our list is the ZTE’s Hawkeye; a self-adhesive eye tracking phone! Talk about A2 dual display Hisense smartphone. Its front display has a 1080P OLED display while on the back has an e-ink display. E-ink has the ability to display a static image even without using any power.  So even if your phone is dead you can still load up a shopping list, directions, boarding pass, or other notes. The ZenFone 3 Zoom was revealed at the Zennovation this Jan 4 and  is set to come out this February. On the other hand most anticipated brands like LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8, and of course Apple iPhone has not yet released valid specs on their phones. But we are expecting Samsung’s great comeback after their battery explosion issues. Apple is also making a great deal with their latest iPhone because they are also celebrating their 10th year anniversary.



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