Signs your boss is exploiting you


Signs your boss is exploiting you

Whether your an employee in a corporation or in a startup, you will never get away from bosses that are hard to work with. The world of work is treacherous. Most people in power hide behind the reason of stress when it comes to demeaning and using others. And most people comply just to earn a living.

As important as it is to keep a job and career advancement, it is imperative to stand up and express how you feel.

We give you a list of common signs that your boss, supervisor, or manager may be taking advantage of you.

Pull the wool over your eyes

They ignore you and only act nice when they need something. And as soon as they get what they want they are back to their old ways, simply because they already got what they want. They just used you for something that would benefit them.

Overloaded with tasks

Instead of working within your hours you are forced to work beyond your hours. Let me give you a scenario. Let’s say your task is to finish a pile of paper works on your desk within a day. You finished them an hour early before you get off from work but all of a sudden your boss or your manager pulls out another batch of paperwork. You receive no downtime at all. You worked as fast as you could to finished the task but you end up being drowned with more work. For the sheer quantity of work you handle, let alone quality, you don’t get a break.


Since you are expected to finish tasks, whether you worked extra hours you don’t get paid well in return. Worse if you don’t receive double pay work on holidays. Any work done beyond your hours should accumulate as an overtime pay. No work is free; you deserve to be paid fairly.

No appraisal or performance recognition

Your efforts are never noticed. Even the extra hours you put in are useless to them. You are expected to perform impeccably in every circumstance. Even when you’ve achieved all your targets, you’re made to feel inadequate and insufficient for not over-achieving.

Fringe benefits promised but never awarded

Promises are not meant to be broken. Some managers want to keep all the rewards for themselves. The promise of a commission for performing well or winning a client is an elephant in the room. You get nada after finishing the deed. They avoid addressing the issue because they don’t want to fix it. They want to get away with it.   


They look over your shoulder. Every word, act or even the way you look is simply their business. They bully and abuse you verbally, emotionally, and physically. Even if you are not supposed to do the task, they assign it to you because they want you to do things their way.

No love

They pay no heed to your call for help and resources. What you requested just went in one ear and out the other. Your cry for help is not addressed, provided or heard of.

Credit where credit is due.

“Great job!” “That’s a brilliant idea!” “Amazing work!” is something you never receive from them. You’re always the brain, never the name.  You do all the hard work and research but you never get recognition for it. They steal your work and get credit for it.


When everything goes wrong it devolves into a blame game. I know it’s ridiculous, you take the blame for something you didn’t do. You are their focus of accusations. They do the finger-pointing at you to save themselves from embarrassment. Take ownership if you have made a mistake but never take on their shame.

The bottom line

No one deserves to be mistreated. If you are working hard you deserve a better job that makes you happy so you can perform well. The best way to stop someone from hurting you is to stop giving them the power of hurting you. If those signs above hold true, you need to speak up more and let your voice be heard. It’s something you shouldn’t put up with for too long. Talk to your boss privately. If you couldn’t resort the issue together ask advice from friend and family. And if it’s still impossible then you know what to do next—either find a better job with a better environment or start your own company. Better and greater opportunities are always out there!

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