Virtual try-on technology allowing you to see first-hand how different glasses change your appearance from all angles

Specsavers, a large optical and healthcare business based in the UK, sees technology as a method to improve their service. They’ve come up with the notion of building a tool that allows customers to pick the best glasses or sunglasses styles for their face shape and size.

Visualizing the Idea

Specsavers has an objective of continually exploring new ways to improve their service. One of them is to incorporate a private internal App to complement their excellent customer service reps in store. The private app would function as a quick and easy tool to scan customers’ faces to determine their face size and shape. The app would then work out, store data and recommend the glasses (or sunglasses) that would best fit the customer’s face.

Developing an IOS Native App

To make the App a reality, Specsavers and Love the Idea collaborated closely. The iOS Native App was developed in Swift and used parts of the iPad hardware for security measures. The front-end aspect, how users navigated through the iPad, data interpretation, and data transmission back to the back-end system were just a few of the requirements we completed in the App. Performing various analytical aspects of the App during the project’s development was also a part of our ongoing work. This required sending automatic reports to Specsavers to ensure that their team was aware of any new difficulties or issues.

Specsavers – Frame Styler

After overcoming the challenges encountered throughout this project and building up the App’s frameworks we also set out to set up a deployment system for the QA team and for beta testing purposes. The team was able to successfully launch multiple versions of the app, which was named Specsavers – Frame Styler. The app is still available in 50 Specsavers branches across the UK and was even rolled out across Australia. The software received great feedback from stakeholders, and it was even turned into a supporting online version based on the iOS App. Frame Styler now allows anyone to try it at home by searching for it on the Specsavers official website.