Enhancing the website interface of an organization that seeks to shed light on the global land and housing crisis

Prindex is a joint initiative of the ODI and the Global Land Alliance, funded by the Omidyar Network and the FCDO. A non-profit organization that provides fully comparable open-source data on global and local perceptions of tenure security, conducts policy-relevant research and provides monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) services..

Data & Analysis to Strengthen the Land Rights Movement

Prindex provides a Global Dataset, which is open source and free for individuals and organizations to use in their own research and advocacy efforts. They believe that having more and better data will contribute to a stronger case for action and more effective policymaking.

As a result, they are committed to finding new collaborations to increase the availability and quality of land rights data. The data they provide can be further subdivided based on demographics, tenure type (owner, renter, or family-owned property), documentation, property characteristics, and location.

Building Better Ways to Serve

One of their stated objectives is to constantly improve the resources they provide. They reach LTI because they would like to develop a section of a few on their website pages.

They’d developed a website prototype that needed to be updated, the main goal of this collaboration is to figure out how to add more countries, data, and custom features to help them manage their social media accounts.

New & Improved: System, Data, and Layout

When LTI first learned about this project: Our team kept track of their website, Synthesized our recommendations to improve the overall user experience, and Kept it up to date. To support the main goal of this collaboration LTI has decided to upgrade the Prindex website with new data, a new look, and new social media accounts.