Delivering NFC to limited edition products in the Swedish market

Lyft successfully launched its product campaign in 2021 by revolutionising its app user experience with NFC technology. All of this was made possible by the collaboration of our teams.

What’s the GOAL…

This was quick-paced, when embarking on this new project we didn’t have bags of time to gather objectives. Lyft comes up with designs and incredible ideas for promoting their product in a much more interactive way. Far from just flashing some promotional ads on email, but promoting products that gave out rewards and allowed its fans to play games.

But what’s more exciting? It is taking steps to address new challenges. Lucky for us the team was able to kick things off by generating wireframes and the concept maps of the project.

Defining the Complexities and Solution

After establishing the overall goal, it was time to define and work through all of the project’s complexities. These complexities include building the WebApp from the ground up while adhering to the campaign goals: creating prize deals in which users can upload their Golden Hour images to win amazing prizes such as vouchers, discounts, and so on.

The App featured a connectivity game and had spaces for promoting blog posts. LTI was able to make these goals a reality. Leading the build of the server and App with the React JS software.

Creating an exceptional design user experience

We collaborated with a design team to make it more exciting and to go the extra mile in terms of user experience. We added a feature to the app that allows it to change colour depending on the time of day. We also used NFC technology to implement the game feature, which allows two app users to play a game together.

Collaboration Leads to a Larger Goal

We successfully launched the campaign with the completed app product, with the goal of not only promoting the desired product but also providing an exceptional user experience throughout the campaign’s duration. In the end, we helped deliver a fun product for the campaign; which was used to create interactive, unique and solid connections with their audience.