MDacne Solves the Rising Costs of Acne Treatments

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MDacne Solves the Rising Costs of Acne Treatments

Guest Speaker: Yoram Harth MD “A New Mobile App Claims to Solve the Rising Costs of Acne Treatments”

The new Trump’s era is expected to boost a further rise in health cost.

One acne cream has shuttered pricing records. An astounding $9,561 for one tube!!

Acne seems to be a mild problem. However, 50 million Americans struggle with acne at any given moment. 90% never see a dermatologist and suffer from social distress and risk of lifelong scars. Regular and highly effective and safe anti-acne cream can be bought over the counter for less than $10. And it is not just the products cost. It’s the Dermatologist fee ($100-150), travel time, and cost to the office–all that for a one-off 5-7 minutes’ visit! A new mobile app MDacne uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to help people with their acne before they need to see a dermatologist.

Based on the fact that 80% of people with acne have mild to moderate condition that can be significantly improved with over the counter program. This will come true if they know which products they need and most importantly commit to their treatment for 8-12 weeks.

MDacne does exactly that! Using a propitiatory image analysis system and special dermatologist built algorithms it analyzes the user skin and builds a customized treatment routine. Using gamification methods and quick selfie the app track and chart the skin improvement leading to the desired treatment commitment.

MDalgorithms, the company behind MDacne has a full pipeline of products to target another multi-billion a year skin disorders markets such as rosacea eczema and psoriasis. The company is based in Mountain view and funded by YCombinator.

Yoram Harth
Yoram Harth

Chief Medical Officer: world renown Dermatologist, serial entrepreneur, former research fellow at the department of Dermatology Columbia Presbyterian in New York, winner of the world street journal Europe and Edison product innovation awards.

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