Making Our Own Christmas Tree, The Startup Way!

Making Our Own Christmas Tree, The Startup Way!

Everyone loves Christmas trees! Decorating the Christmas tree with our family is probably one of the best childhood experience we have. However, there are some people doesn’t like the idea of cutting trees, some are living in a small apartment which doesn’t have enough space for it, and some don’t have enough money to buy one, so people came up with different ideas to make a Christmas tree that will help us save money.

Yes, you read it right! You can make one without spending much money. Most of the things to create a Christmas tree can actually be found at home, such as books, egg cartoons, wrapping paper, strings, scrap woods, etc. But if you don’t have it, you can ask your neighbors too. Here’s a list of inspiring ideas to make your own Christmas Trees:

1. Book Christmas Tree

2. Ladder Christmas Tree

3. Egg Carton Christmas Tree

4. Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

5. Newspaper Christmas Tree

6. Chalkboard Christmas Tree

7. PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

8. Can Christmas Tree

9. Shoe Box Christmas Tree

10. Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

Tell us what your favorite Christmas tree is or if you have any other ideas comment below..


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