How to Get Those Big Corporate Clients

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How to Get Those Big Corporate Clients

Business people walking together in the city

Landing a big corporate contract is worth the time and resources of small businesses. For those business owners aiming to get a shot with corporate clients, this article will help you. Below are the 4 must-know steps on how to land your biggest prospects.

Step 1: List potential clients

You must use your current database and draw up a list of potential companies you’d like to partner with.

  • Start with local firms. If there are no suitable large firms in the area, expand your options.
  • Decide who you are going to help and what you will help that company do.
  • Consider how to be their needed ‘expert’.
  • Invest more time in an individual, personalised approach.

Step 2: Do your research

Find out where your ideal clients go to network, learn, and grow their businesses. Find out their strength and weaknesses. Through this, you can identify and plan how to approach your clients.

  • Check their website. Try to find annual report of the company. Know their financial details, objectives, structures and so on.
  • Try to find their ‘Career Centre’ in their website and look for ideas.
  • Look for mentions in the press and trade journals, libraries. Find all relevant and irrelevant issues that will help you in your proposal.
  • Check the company’s publications or press mentions.
  • Check in Linkedin and other social media outlet. If you can manage, call the company for specific questions.

Step 3: Create your network

Networking is the best way to find a job. Think of networking as a business necessity. Keep in mind that attending in-person meetings and conferences build long term and meaningful business relationships.

  • Call or send professional email.
  • Hand out business cards, follow up with people.
  • Arrange or set up happy hour networking meet-ups, breakfast networking, and conferences.

Step 4: Submit a Business Proposal

Your business proposal explain why they should choose your small business. You should be able to make them realise that you are professional enough to handle the business.

  • Provide a summary that focus on how your products or services benefit the client. Make it simple and concise as this serves your “cover letter”. Keep in mind that several individuals will screen your proposal.
  • Make a detailed description of your solution. Include the cost of your solution or suggestions.
  • Provide your terms and conditions. Also, set an expiration date of your proposal.
  • If possible, show large companies who you are connected with as this may also be an opportunity for them.

5. Provide them a time being when the media, newspaper or TV featured you.

In a nutshell, Discover companies’ needs and get clear picture. Research as needed. Look at previous projects and recent tasks. Tell prospects what you can deliver. Provide all the convenience they will achieve by partnering with you. Try and try and after you submitted your first proposal, go back to step 1.


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