Take a look at our eye-catching color combinations to see how you may improve your creative game and reap the benefits. Knowing what colors work together is a skill in and of itself, and it may benefit you in every aspect of your life. You’ll see how different colors can influence perceptions once you learn what they imply and how color theory works. You can then take advantage of this for personal or business purposes.

If you want to elicit a reaction from your audience, color can help you do so. It doesn’t matter if you’re picking colors for a flyer, a photograph, a business card design, or the perfect color combination for a logo or a website. It’s just as vital to pick the proper color scheme for your brand or website as it is to pick the right font for your logo design or have a memorable brand name.

Knowing What Color Combinations Work is Key

Imagine you’re at the start of the product design process and you’re trying to figure out what color combination will inspire – or make your audience feel happy or tranquil. The appropriate color choices might help you achieve your goals. Using color symbolism to elicit emotions might help you connect with your audience. Color choices must be considered in a variety of areas, including logos, websites, marketing materials, merchandising, and social media. Working with just one color isn’t enough; the real magic is knowing what two or three colors go well together and being able to create fascinating color combinations.

The document which colors and combinations should be used to ensure brand consistency. Creating brand rules guarantees that your marketing and that of your company are consistent. This article seeks to direct your attention to a variety of color palette choices, together with hex codes, that may be perfect for your purposes. Simply look through the color palette choices and read the descriptions to see whether the palette is a great fit for you.

Finding What Colors Go Well Together

Color wheels are a useful tool for determining which colors complement each other. It is difficult to make a mistake while adhering to proper color theory. Using colors that are historically associated with each other, however, does not guarantee that your audience will connect with them. So, if you’ve chosen a few colors that you like, you may use wheels and theory to piece together the missing bits. This will ensure that your color choices remain consistent.

Color Combination Chart

Color combination chart

For your convenience, we’ve produced a Color Combination Chart with our top advice and a sampling of our best color combinations. Paste the hex value (color code with a hashtag) into the design wizard color picker to find all colors. Pay great attention to the color wheel and its components for the finest color-matching results. Color matching will significantly improve the overall visual appeal of your design.


Color Combinations in 2021

Color awareness can assist you in making better decisions while purchasing clothing, shoes, designing your house, and even in everyday conversation! Knowing what hue corresponds with what might make life easier in general. We’ll look at the Top 20 Color Combinations for 2021 in this blog.

To get you started, we’ll look at some of the most popular color schemes, as well as what colors work together and how you might use them. We hope you enjoy some of these color pallet suggestions.

With the appropriate color combinations, even the most interesting hues can become even more so. Hue contrast may elicit strong emotions in people, therefore picking the right color is crucial.

Color Combos That Use Two Colors

Whether you’re creating a logo, painting your home, or adding text to a movie, you’ll almost certainly be working with multiple colors. If you’re going to have a lot of different hues, it’s usually best to start with two and work your way up. Utilizing simply two colors can be equally as effective as using a more extensive palette in many circumstances. Here are some of the most popular two-color color schemes.

Ultimate Gray (#949398FF) and Illuminating (#F4DF4EFF) are two complementary colors.

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2021 mixes the grounded Ultimate Gray and the bright Illuminating. When it was first exhibited, this pairing was defined as “a marriage of hue conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting” when it was first exhibited.

Gray is a fantastic, well-balanced color that appears in many refined designs. People have found solace in the prospect of better days ahead in our current climate. As a result, it’s no surprise that a warm, uplifting yellow has been chosen as the year’s color.

Brighter yellow tones can have negative connotations, but this tint was carefully chosen. Use current trends, such as this one, to show your audience that you are up to date. Take advantage of the symbolism of these colors coming together to form a stronger bond.

Pacific Coast (#5B84B1FF) and Living Coral (#FC766AFF)

Living Coral was named Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019. It’s a vibrant, healthy color with a young undertone. It inspires visions of the ocean floor and a colorful seabed loaded with coral when coupled with the refreshing blue of the Pacific Coast.

Pacific Coast is rich but not overpowering, and it pairs well with Living Coral’s gentle tones. In addition, it has an exceptional warmth about it that is unlike most tints of blue. This adds to Living Coral’s relaxing yet energizing mood.

White (#FFFFFFFF) with black (#000000FF)

It doesn’t get much more classic than black and white when it comes to color pairings. However, timelessness does not imply inertia. We can tell that black and white will be huge in 2021 based on trend projections.

The combination works because it achieves total equilibrium. White is tranquil and pure, while black is powerful and dominant. Of course, they are opposites in terms of tonality, but this contrast makes black and white work so well together.

When used alone, they can be overwhelming in high doses, but the two hues complement each other when used together. From a visual standpoint, black becomes darker, and white becomes more prominent. The end product is fresh, clean, and modern. In many realms of design, black and white are fashionable. It is a fashion industry staple and is used by graphic designers and marketers to communicate bold and unambiguous messages.

When a modern and clean effect is desired, black and white are frequently used in interior design. To make a modern color palette, add primary or neon hues to black and white.

Mint (#ADEFD1FF) and Sailor Blue (#00203FFF)

According to an adage, blue and green should never be seen together without a third hue! While this is frequently true, there are exceptions to every rule, one of which being navy and mint.

Because it is unexpected, this color combination is excellent. This mint sorbet is light, zingy, and right on-trend. Pastels have been popular for a long time and show no signs of going away. The deep, rich navy color is almost intense in appearance. However, when they come together, the effect is both intriguing and beautiful.

Navy Blue (#333D79FF) and Pink (#FAEBEFFF)

Here, delicate, soft pink is paired with a dependable tone of navy blue. Again, the difference is clear, but the two hues work beautifully together.

It’s a very versatile color scheme that may be employed in a variety of situations. Pink and blue, for example, are two hues that mix well together in clothes. As a result, the navy serves as the understated part of the suit, while the pink stands out.

Pink can be interpreted in a variety of ways. For example, pinks in lighter shades, such as this one, might be considered calm and tranquil, while brighter pinks can be associated with sweetness.

Toffee (#755139FF) and Sweet Corn (#F2EDD7FF)

Toffee conjures you images of tons of delicious Toffee, but put that aside for a moment and think of the more reserved Sweet Corn. Its faint white tone lends a delectable texture to this color combo.

Consider the combination of chocolate and milk. One may be regarded as wealthy and enjoyable, while the other is considered healthy and stable. This is one of those color schemes that work well in real-life situations.

On its own, Toffee would be too dark and unappealing, but when paired with Sweet Corn, it takes on a whole new meaning.

White (#FFFFFFFF) with Orange (#F95700FF)

Because orange is a bold, brilliant color, pairing it with a neutral color like white can provide a stunning color combination.

A softer shade of orange would work well here as well, but if you genuinely want to show off your wild side, go for this vibrant orange. Unfortunately, bold orange is a polarizing color, with just as many individuals claiming to adore it as those who claim to despise it.

If you’re going to use this hue of orange, go all out! Use it however you like on your walls, clothes, and creations.

Silver (#A2A2A1FF) with powdered sugar (#F1F4FFFF)

Powdered Sugar is a beautiful alabaster-white that pairs beautifully with a crisp, elegant silver. It’s a simple color scheme that’s become increasingly fashionable in interior design.

Silver is a practical color that conjures up images of modern technology, industry, and elegance. So it’s no surprise that it’s on the walls of so many residences, given its stylish implications.

Silver and powdered Sugar are both calm, relaxing colors that exude professionalism and efficiency. Use this trendy color palette to stay ahead of the curve.

Blue Atoll (#00B1D2FF) and Vibrant Yellow (#FDDB27FF) are two complementary colors.

Take a look at this vibrant summer color combination. Along with the equally electrifying Blue Atoll, the deep Yellow dazzles the senses.

It’s one of those color schemes that’s ideal for parties and casual gatherings. It contributes to the creation of enthusiasm and instills a sense of purpose and energy in a design.

These vibrant hues make a room appear energetic and alive, but be aware that they may be too bright for relaxing in a smaller space.

Red ( #E10600FF ) and dark blue (#00239CFF)

In this battle of water and fire, blue meets red. Blue’s tranquillity, dependability, and security combine with red’s volatility, passion, and danger to form a potent combination.

It’s a color combination that’s shown to be dependable over time. Many well-known firms and organizations, such as Pepsi, Domino’s Pizza, the NFL, and MLB, use both colors in their logos.

The American flag, the British flag, the Russian flag, the Australian flag, and the Dutch flag all have it.

Gray (#606060FF) and Lime Punch (#D6ED17FF)

Forget orange – grey is virtually the brand new black. Sales in grey kitchens, cars, and garments have soared in recent years because it’s far such an adaptable neutral. Gray may be heat or cool, rigid or soft; it’s far more flexible and flattering.

Traditionally, grey is recognized as flat or dreary, and there are instances when that also applies (nimbostratus clouds, I’m searching for you!). But grays fame has been improved of late, and now it’s far synonymous with sophistication.

To upload a piece of persona and confidence, pair a deep color of grey with a lively splash of lime. This zesty color is a vital fashion for 2021. However, it needs to be used with caution! Lime may be garish on its own and could harshly wear it on whatever lighter than caramel pores and skin tones. But while appropriately implemented, it makes a hanging statement. This edgy aggregate is our private preference right here at Design Wizard!

Forest Green (#2C5F2D) and Moss Green (#97BC62FF)

As we progress into the virtual age, we may develop an attempt to keep our feet planted on the ground. As strain and strain increase, there’s extra emphasis than ever to embody the herbal, healthful, and healthful factors of life. In 2017, the Pantone Color of the Year turned known as Greenery, and it truly meditated this movement.

Greenery: a light, shiny grass, certainly planted the seeds for developing this year’s model. The moody Forest Green can nearly appear black in a few lighting fixtures; however, its miles lifted via the delicate tones of the Moss Green.

This simple palette falls into the equal class because of the monochromatic scheme above. However, it’s miles an awful lot less complicated to paintings with (mainly with inside the herbal tones). For indoor design, this aggregate works well while paired with wood. In fashion, it appears expensive, especially while worn with metallics (use rose gold for additional contemporary points!). Green is likewise gender-impartial and fits maximum pores and skin tones, and hair colors.  Utilize this simple palette to seem grounded and herbal.

This year, Royal Blue and Peach’s take on the classic blue and white (and less than a million miles from turquoise and sand).

Royal Blue is practically primary blue, making it durable and solid. But because of its daring, it is also fun. And there is a resurgence of the notion of joy. As the concept of creativity becomes increasingly essential in our lives, from our architecture to our business strategies, joy is now socially accepted.

This is also a nod to the 80s, experiencing something of a resurgence in graphic design. The pastel trend came before, and while pinks and lilacs have been the strongest so far, peach is now the center of attention. Together they make a super modern finish.

Pink and dark are perhaps not one of your exemplary shading mixes, but instead, they give a striking difference. The genuine Charcoal Gray is instilled with new life by the cheerful Pink Salt. It’s an incredible illustration of how a young tone can do something unique when joined with a more adult one.

Pink is fun-loving and comfortable, while dim is skillful and proficient. A shading like Charcoal Gray may be blamed for being boring when seen alone, yet it fills in height when joined by Pink Salt.

A tone, for example, Pink Salt, right away makes a shading mix more receptive and charming. It’s typical to feel more open to drawing in with shading blends that are splendid and inviting, as opposed to those that are dull and unsatisfying.

Space Cherry (#990011FF) and White (#FCF6F5FF)

A silver-white plays off the dark red of Space Cherry in shocking style. It’s no fortuitous event that red and white is a standard shading mix for a wide cluster of sports groups and organizations.

It could look astonishing when utilized on the dividers of your home, where the white acquires an extra brilliance close by the cherry-red partitions.

The white gives the solid and invigorating red some equilibrium and adds a hint of intricacy to it

Color Matching with Three Colors

When striving to be stylish in whatever area you need some color, having a choice of color options can be really handy. However, the more colors you use, the more likely something will go wrong. The adage that “good things come in threes” holds true in this case, as there are so many different color combinations to pick from. Three colors can be used to create eye-catching logos, great interior design, stunning garments, and more.

Living Coral (# FC766AFF), Storm Gray (# B0B8B4FF) and Forest Biome (# 184A45FF)

Dark Storm Gray clouds create a beautiful shell when they hover over Living Coral and Forest Biome. It is a refreshing mix of colors that has a delicious and attractive aesthetic. This color combination is adventurous but soft and a bit reserved.

It would be a fantastic color combination for a website as it looks modern and is easy to use. As usual, Living Coral livens up the color scheme a lot. Only gray and green would have a completely different feel. A modern color palette like the one in this example can be used in many ways, so start designing now.

Blazing Orange (#FFA351FF), Buff Orange (#FFBE7BFF) and Yellow Cream (#EED971FF)

Lift your energy with this peppy shading blend. Blazing Orange is as exuberant as possible and it’s supplemented superbly by the more unassuming Buff Orange and Yellow Cream.

The three tones can shape a staggering slope when set close by one another, subsequent in a magnificent summer look.

It’s a warm, fun shading combo that would carry some extra splendor to the inside of a home. It gives an elevating feeling that causes you to feel more good and calm with your environmental factors.

Sagebrush Green (#567572FF), Marsala (#964F4CFF) and Granite Gray (#696667FF)

Marsala, the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, is included here close by Sagebrush Green and Granite Gray.

Marsala is a warm, general shade of shading that can be utilized in an assortment of ways. Regardless of whether it’s the inside plan, design, or excellence items, Marsala figures out how to be trendy across all mediums.

Sagebrush Green and Granite Gray proposition a dazzling differentiation to the glow of Marsala with their cool, natural shades. On the off chance that you figure a dull shading range would suit your requirements, this blend hits every one of the right visual spots.

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