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Figure out what your community stands for from the start. Make it the core of your brand


Start talking to a team that’s driven to build not just amazing products, but also to improve your business


More than just beautifully designed software. Look for techniques and tools to retain users.


The most important startup technique is called minimum viable product. Learn how we startup

We Ourselves Began In A Box Room. Today We Celebrate Our Entrepreneurial Roots

Year on year, our record of successful projects have continued to grow. Connecting business strategy, design, development, and marketing. We give startups a fantastic base for take-off.

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Developing Ideas And Growing Businesses

Life’s too short not to love what you do.

Dream Of Building A Great Company? We Have The Products To Make It Happen

Whether you want to make an exciting career change or start growing your own business, we are here to help you.

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Starting: What problem am I trying to solve?

It is said the ``itch`` is your problem; the scratch is your solution. It’s important that your product solve a need

If you can’t answer that, we need to stop there and go back to the drawing board. It’s important that your product solve some sort of need because that’s what determines the value.


What funds do I absolutely need to start?

When I started my company, I had a limited number of options and styles. Once I was selling, I used the profits to expand my website collection.

Maybe your dream is to open up a storefront to sell your handmade chocolates. However, that’s a lot of money you'll need up-front to open a store, especially if you haven’t tested the concept


What’s my ‘special sauce’? My Difference?

Speaking of differentiating yourself from the competition, determine what your ``special sauce``

Ask yourself, ``What is going to make someone purchase my product over my competitors'?`` Your answer is your special sauce and should always be included in your marketing.


What resources do I currently have?

Remember in Cast Away when Tom Hanks' character opened all the floating packages and repurposed them for survival?

Work with different experts to help develop a business plan and create a product and website and everything else you need to get started.

Portfolio Sites, Online Shops, Management Apps, Music Software and much more…

We value starting small but dreaming big! From web development to SEO and marketing. We’ll focus on the tech so you can build networks.

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